Wednesday, August 25, 2010

feel at home

Just keep doing what you are doing. I feel at home at Tulley when I go there. Congratulations for having such a team of wonderful people!

D. Mcewen

Monday, August 2, 2010

Highly recommend

Overall, my dealings with the service department have been top notch. Jen Craft, Jay, and the rest of the staff are always quite helpful, give a quick explanation, address the problem, provide loaner transportation, and keep me advised as they progress through the issue (if any deviation occurs). Highly recommend, very happy.

Michael L.

won my business

Just wanted to say that I appreciate the help from the advisors that day. I was a walk in and they took me right on the spot. Also they provided me with complimentary amenities and I loved that my car was washed and vacuumed.

They have won my business and I will continue to refer friends and family.

Thank you


Job well done

Job well done to all, thank you very much.

Judy G. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

above and beyond

The service manager who assisted me was Bret and he went above and beyond and had the best attitude I have ever had the pleasure to deal with!

Carrie B.

Monday, July 26, 2010

great work

Keep up the Greeeeat work !

Andrew C.

Monday, July 19, 2010

professional and courteous

Brett, my service advisor was very professional and courteous.

Anne B.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

friendly and helpful

I dropped the car off and it was looked at the next day. I was told the fuel pump needed to be replaced. It was done quickly and the SES light is off, so all in all, I'm happy with the service experiance.

In addition, the people I spoke with on the phone regarding the issue were very friendly and helpful. I would go to Tulley for future purchases / services.

John G.

gold star

I thought as I left the dealership that day, that Tulley BMW was truly a "class act". Every associate came out to let you know what was happening, other people that were waiting had associates coming to talk to them about their vehicles; each person's needs were being addressed. In this service-to-everyone world where people expect so much attention and care, Tulley gets a gold star! Thank you for being a classy operation. I really appreciated everyone's attention to detail.

Charlotte C.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

great job

Could not be any more happier with service. Great job to all of you !!!!

Terrence M.

helpful, upbeat, responsive

Kevin McLaughlin is always helpful, upbeat, responsive and a true partner in the care of my BMW. He has been my service consultant for 3 BMWs over 10 years and is one of the main reasons that I own a BMW. I just wanted to thank you for have quality people on your team like Kevin and look forward with working with Kevin for years to come.

Jim T.

well done

Top level experience this time, well done!

Robert E.

Monday, June 21, 2010

helpful, courteous, and a friendly salesperson

Jamie Chisolm was helpful, courteous, and a friendly salesperson who was easy to deal with.

Louis D.

great experience

This has been a great experience--I really love the car!

Raymond D.

great experience

Overall it was a great experience. I definitely need to set up some time to learn the features of the car and to try to get my garage door to open using the remote.

Lori L.

always recommend Tulley BMW

I always recommend Tulley BMW - the gentleman I work with is thinking about buying a Certified pre owned BMW - I always tell people "what's the difference in buying a new card today with a 30,000 mile warrenty when you could get front to back warrenty 100,000 at Tulley BMW on Certified Pre Owned and and extended (cost) warrenty. - the gentleman I work with is thinking about buying a Certified pre owned BMW - I always tell people "what's the difference in buying a new car today with a 30,000 mile warrenty when you could get front to back warrenty 100,000 at Tulley BMW on Certified Pre Owned and and extended (cost) warrenty.

Rock F.

more than satisfied

I have been more than satisfied with the service at Tulley's. This is the 5th vehicles purchased there 4 BMS'w and a Miata.

Barbara H.

truly enjoyed my experience

Jim Beal is a great asset to the Tulley BMW family. I also enjoyed working again with Derrick (assisted me with my first BMW).

I truly enjoyed my experience with the team at Tulley. I look forward to continuing to work with Jim in the future.

Heidi C.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

extremely helpful

Kevin McLoughlin was extremely helpful in recognizing my tire problem and solving it for me.

Scott R.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

cost is unreasonable

The 2010 328 was brought in for an oil change and 6,000 miles - my choice. I was advised by everyone I dealt with that it would not be covered by BMW, which I understood. In addition to a $125 oil change, I was charged $9.80 for windshield washer antifreeze.

I cannot image that the reservoir could have held any more solution (since I filled it the day prior myself), the cost is unreasonable, and why would this not have been covered by the 4-year free maintenance, in any case? All I requested was an oil change. It is not the dollar amount, but the principle here.

Richard G.

all outstanding

Don't change one staff member at BMW Tulley, if only to promote them. They are all outstanding, from the em I received to book my car, follow up emails by Jennifer, check in and handling by Kevin (who remembered me from my last visit - exceptional member of staff), to Rob from service who helped me out with a nagging issue on the car which is intermittent at best....all very professional, courteous, friendly and fantastic at their jobs

Jo N.

best client advisor

Nick Plasteras the best client advisor I'm ever experience in my life.

Svetlana N.

glad I went back

I had a bad experience back about 10 years ago but decided to try again and glad I went back to you. It was an off thing that was never resolved and I know it was a minor thing. But its gone now as you're current staff has made a tremendous impression on me. Enough to warrant me passing along your name (and recommending you) to anyone that askes me about my car.

had many problems

i love the car, but have had many problems from the purchase date, everytime the car goes in for a service, it has to go back the next day again because the problem is not fixed.

Corey T.

great experience

A great experience. I am moving from PA and have registered with you as the home service facility.

Hugh D.